Great Ways for Vloggers to Interact with Their YouTube Audience

When it comes to creating and maintaining a successful YouTube channel, audience interaction is absolutely crucial. Especially if you’re just getting started – but even if you’ve been vlogging for some time and already have a good following – you need to really build a relationship with your viewers and YouTube subscribers.

Use these five tips to start interacting effectively with your vlog on audience on YouTube as a vlogger that appreciates their audience.

Your vlog audience has the power to give your channel a big boost! Interacting with them increases audience engagement, views, likes, and subscriptions. Here are just a few of the ways you can get connected with your audience.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air are taking the world of video conferencing by storm.

A lot of YouTube vloggers are already using this communication tool as a great way to connect with their viewers, and you can, too. A very good example is #AskSuperwomanLIVE, which is hosted by YouTuber IISuperwomanII on a monthly basis as an effective way to connect and engage with her audience.

The possibilities are endless. You could invite a few of your regular commenters or your entire audience to a Hangout on Air and have a fantastic discussion about your YouTube channel and what your audience would like to see from it.

You could also use the platform to discuss all kinds of topics by scheduling a time when you’ll be available via Google Hangouts to answer questions from your audience. It’s a lot like Reddit’s AMA (“Ask Me Anything”), but instead of writing you comments to get live responses, they can actually video chat with you instead.

Start a Google+ Community Page

With the advent of Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air, Google+ is really taking off as one of the next big social networks. While many other social networks may seem necessary, don’t dismiss Google+. More and more people are using this social network, and you can create a community page here where your fans can pitch ideas for vlog topics, tell you what they think of different videos, ask you questions, share information, and much more!

Hosting Twitter Chats

Twitter gives you a chance to engage in real-time with your audience. To schedule a Twitter chat, you’ll just need to select a hashtag (for the chat) and make sure that you promote it and the time/date of the chat on your vlogging channel, blog, website, and/or social media profiles. For example, if you have an entertainment channel, you could host a Twitter chat about the movie you’re most excited about premiering soon or about a popular band’s new tour.

Just select an appropriately memorable and unique hashtag for the Twitter chat and be sure to tell everyone about it and when they should use it. Then, at the given time, you can start “chatting” on Twitter because all of your tweets and your audience’s tweets will be tagged and will all appear in a search for that hashtag. So you can easily see questions, and your audience members can easily see answers and interact with you as well as the other participants.

Start a Facebook Group

Facebook is one of the largest social networks on the Internet. By creating a group on Facebook for your YouTube channel, topics your fans want you to cover, and general discussion, you’re creating a virtual space for your audience to gather and build a community. You can post your YouTube videos here every time you release a new one, and you can ask your Facebook audience whenever you’re not sure what topic you should vlog about next.

Above all else, whether you’ve created a Facebook group, a Google+ community, or a Twitter chat, make sure to pay attention to what people are talking about. Get involved in the conversation. While this isn’t as time sensitive with a Facebook group or a Google+ community as it is with a Twitter chat, the more regular you are with checking in, answering questions, posting, etc., the more your audience will feel a bond with you, and the more effective your group will be for promoting your YouTube channel.

Connect in Your YouTube Comments

You may have heard, “Don’t read the comments!” or, “Comments are where the trolls live. Ignore them.” If you see comments that are obviously trolling (every vlogger gets them), you can ignore them, respond politely, delete them, or report them. However, ignoring your vlog comments completely is probably not the best thing to do.

A lot of your YouTube audience will engage with you in the comments. They’ll leave useful and interesting insights, and they’ll have questions for you, too. Pay attention to these. Read them. Respond to them. Give your top commenters and supporters shout outs in your videos. Make your audience members feel appreciated, and they’ll feel more of a bond with your YouTube channel. One cool way to show your appreciation to viewers and encourage more great comments is to include and/or answer a few of them at the end of your vlogs!

Use these 5 tips to start interacting and engaging with your YouTube vlog audience today!